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Noodle / Soup Bowls

Noodle / Soup Bowls

Larger quantity meals require a sturdy, grease resistant package that does not leak or tear. Our Noodle and Soup bowls pass the test as it serves up large meals enjoyed at family picnics, office parties, restaurants, cafe or at home dinners.

This packaging allows the customers to have grab and go meals without waiting for it to be prepared. These container have a wide opening that provides ample visibility to easily and quickly identify various foods. This product line is a great merchandising solution for locations that cater to consumers on the go.

We are constantly reviewing new and innovative packaging concepts what is the least expensive and most effective way to package noodles and soup. 

Features and Usage 

  1. Ideal for to-go soups, stews, pastas, and steamed veggies
  2. Versatile size makes it great for multiple servings and won't leak
  3. Sleek exterior allows you to write orders and customer names directly on the cup
  4. Made for durability and moisture resistance
  5. Tightly-rolled rim guarantees a secure fit with compatible lids (sold separately)



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