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Offer an eye catching, economical alternative to traditional disposable products at your take out restaurant, hotel, cafe, coffee shop, office break room, or catered events with this environmentally friendly, renewable Wooden and Bamboo products! It is one of the economical way to go green and gives a sophisticated look with its natural beauty.

Biodegradable and compostable wooden products by Hotpack were designed to provide an eco-friendly alternative to the non-biodegrading disposable plastic and Styrofoam products used so commonly in the food industry. The natural beauty and strength of the birch wood makes for stylish yet functional, as well. So whether you are planning an office party, an outdoor event, a dinner party, or for daily use in your office or restaurant, our biodegradable and compostable wooden cutlery are the perfect utensils for your needs. And since birch is a hardwood, the edges are even smoother than other wooden disposable on the market, which makes them completely safe for children to use. No toxins, no chemicals, just high-quality disposable tableware… made from natural and renewable resources

Features and Usage:

  1. The most economical way to go green
  2. With its solid birch composition, the products gives a good weight and make it durable
  3. Gives your table a more sophisticated look with its natural beauty.
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