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Climate change is a reality that no one can ignore anymore - and it is true for businesses more than for individuals. Thus, businesses these days are under increasing pressure to do their bit for the environment while also ensuring that they do their best to reduce the impact of their operations on the environment. Packaging is one such activity where one can try to reduce the impact on the environment. When it comes to eco-friendly packaging UAE has an excellent solutions provider in the form of hotpack packaging.

The Need For Sustainable Food Packaging In UAE

The increasing trend in food takeaway and takeouts is resulting in the need for sustainable packaging alternatives. With eco-friendly packaging, UAE enterprises can reduce the impact of their business on the environment.

Nowadays, enterprises feel the social pressure to prove that they are doing their bit as part of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), and they must also set themselves targets for reducing carbon footprints. Many enterprises are already trying to achieve zero carbon footprint status. However, that is not possible without sustainable packaging solutions.

The Material Used For Packaging Options

Let us consider what options we have for sustainable food packaging in UAE:

  • Packages made of biodegradable material, such as biodegradable boxes for food. This material can be easily broken into simpler substances by biological agents naturally present in the environment, and thus they don’t create lasting waste. You can start moving toward an eco-friendlier way of doing things by contacting a leading eco-friendly food containers supplier in UAE today. Some of the biodegradable options may also be used for compositing.
  • Packages made using renewable resources - Since their sources are renewable, they are far more eco-friendly. Packaging solutions should be made from renewable resources.
  • Recyclable packages - As their name suggests, these options are meant to make the packages recycled in one way or another by the enterprise or its customers.

Your enterprise may find the use of all these various kinds of environmentally friendly food packaging options.

Most Commonly Usable Eco-Friendly Products

Let us now consider some of the most used environmentally friendly food packaging options in detail:

Options for disposable food packaging products in UAE

As far as disposable food packaging products in UAE are concerned, there are some excellent options to choose from. One should keep both sustainability and feasibility in mind while selecting them.

Biodegradable boxes for food in UAE

The biodegradable boxes for food are the same as other kinds of food packaging options except for the additional perk that they are biodegradable. They are thus a great way of making your enterprise more sustainable.

Kraft Paper food container

A kraft paper food container is not as strong as some other options, but it has the additional perk of being sustainable. Additionally, it may be much easier to print the logo of your enterprise on a paper container than on some other kind of container.

Wooden Packaging Solutions

There are also wooden packaging solutions available. Much like paper, wood is a renewable resource and what’s more it has much less carbon footprint than other solutions. The quality of wood used is a crucial consideration when you go for wooden packaging solutions.

Aluminium Packaging

As a metal that has to be recycled, aluminium and packaging solutions based on it are non-renewable, but aluminium packaging options are hundred percent recyclable. So, they are much more eco-friendly and better than packaging options that are neither renewable nor recyclable.

Friendly Food Packaging Solutions For Restaurants And Food Outlets

The following are the options for sustainable food packaging in UAE that can also be used by restaurants and food outlets:

  • Eco-friendly takeaway food containers
  • As their name suggests, eco-friendly takeaway food containers these can be kraft or biodegradable material are supposed to replace their alternatives as the containers in which you give food to your customers to take away. It is a great way of using disposable food packaging products in UAE to reduce the carbon footprint of your enterprise.

    The eco-friendly takeaway food containers also send a positive message to customers - that your enterprise is doing its bit for the environment. Since you will only use them, they need not be sturdy, but they should be eco-friendly.

  • Eco-friendly Cutlery
  • Another excellent way restaurants and food outlets can become eco-friendly is through a better choice of cutlery. There are several options for eco-friendly cutlery available in the market.

    Wooden cutlery, for example, has a very carbon footprint; it is biodegradable and renewable too. There are also several other biodegradable cutlery options that can help your business be more sustainable. One of the advantages of using eco-friendly cutlery is you are not only eco-friendly, but your customers also may appreciate the fact and prefer you over your less eco-friendly competitors.

  • Paper bags
  • To transport your food, you will require bags to hold your food packages and transport them to your customer.

Hotpack Webstore - The Best Place For Finding Eco-Friendly Packaging UAE

Hotpack Webstore is the leading eco-friendly food containers supplier in UAE. Our website can make it easy for you to find all kinds of eco-friendly products. From wooden cutlery to paper food container, we provide it with all.

It is easy to order on our website too as we have designed the store such that the visitors will be easily able to find the perfect solution they need easily and make an informed decision.

We also understand that you may have many questions in your mind, and we have a dedicated customer care staff who will be willing to take calls from you and gladly answer any questions you may have.

Our prices are the best in the market, and our website format makes purchasing various packaging solutions online easy. Moreover, you can even make the payment online easily through a secure digital route.

You will never have to worry about getting biodegradable boxes for food in UAE or any other kind of packaging solutions again once you place an order with us.

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