Hotpack | SQUARE CAKE BOARD SILVER | 50 Pieces

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Dhs. 55.00
Dhs. 42.00

Present your personal size treats in style with this Hotpack Square Cake Board. This sturdy circle supports your delicious creations and will sit perfectly in any window display or on any table. The innovative side tab will allow you and your patrons to carry the circle with ease. 

Perfect for single-service use, simply throw out the board when finished. This cake board does not show grease stains nor allows grease to seep into the carding drum. So no need to modify your moist cake recipe or refrain from using your signature sweet buttercream icing; this dessert board can handle it!

Product Specification 

  1. The sturdy foundation supports personal-sized treats
  2. Disposable for an easy cleanup
  3. Resists grease for stain-free usage
  4. Ensures quality, single-service use
  5. Non-metal construction is safe for metal detectors
  6. Laminated chip drum material made of 100% recycled fiber
  7. Single-wall, corrugated

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