Hotpack | 8 Oz ZIG-ZAG RIPPLE PAPER CUP | 500 Pieces

Dhs. 126.00

Zig- Zag Ripple Paper Cups protect hands from hot drinks by reducing the surface area of the outside of the cup whilst adding extra insulation through the additional layers of paperboard. Zig- Zag Ripple Paper Cups are the perfect addition to any coffee shop, café, buffet, or breakfast bar to make sure your customers can enjoy fresh coffee, tea, or hot chocolate.

Product Specification

  1. Product Size: 8 Oz | 240 ml
  2. Ideal for Tea, Coffee or any hot beverage.
  3. Recyclable and biodegradable
  4. Carton of 500 Pcs = approx. 7.7 kg

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