Hotpack | PAPER KIDS MEAL BOX | 250 Pieces

Dhs. 120.00

Perfect for restaurant take-out applications, school bus trips, birthday parties, summer camp activities, and other special events. In addition to a size that is small enough for little hands to hold but big enough to carry a full-size children's meal. One-piece paperboard construction ensures sturdy and reliable use, while a clay coating on the inside of the box creates a grease-resistant barrier, containing moisture and oil. Integrated clips make the box easy to both open and keep securely closed, even for the youngest of attendees. Plus, a built-in handle allows for effortless transport from one destination to the next. 

Product Specifications 

  1. Sturdy paperboard construction
  2. Grease-resistant clay coating
  3. Integrated handle
  4. Disposable for quick clean up
  5. Large enough to accommodate a full-size kids meal
  6. Perfect for restaurant take-out, school trips, and special events

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