Kate’s surprise party

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Leon’s friends were full of praises for the delicious food served to the guests in the surprise party which his wife organized on his birthday. He wondered how his wife Kate, organized such a big gathering in such a short span of time. They didn't even have enough dishes to serve the guests. But she pulled it off so well that Leon’s friends couldn’t help but pack few dishes to take away with them. The tandoori paneer kabab with Onion and capsicum was beautifully lined in the wooden bamboo skewers. Kids just loved the Vanilla cupcake which looked beautiful wrapped in a white paper cups. His friends Mark and Dave relished the hot lentil soup which looked very colorful when served in black and red plastic soup cups.

 Kate and her neighbor Michelle made pizzas like a thorough professional and some even took few portions of them packed in pizzas boxes to their home for later consumption. The Biryani and the Dal rotis were so yummy that the guest couldn't help but fill their paper plates to the full. Glad she organized compartment plates which facilitated the guests to relish each dish.  The Mint & Lemon juice looked rich and classy when served in juice cups with cocktail umbrella placed on the top of the glass. Many guests even took pictures of them since these disposable juice glasses really looked very colorful.  Leon worried as to how they would clean the party leftovers. He thought to himself they had a long night of cleaning work. Kate was a working woman and cleaning would really make her tiered for the next day’s work.

 Leon went to his wife who was in the kitchen and said  “ Darling, thank you so much for such a lovely party. Everything was so perfect. But now you have a long cleaning job I guess. Do you need help?”

 “Sweetie, there is no cleaning required. Guests have packed all the leftover food in the disposable food boxes and thanks to the paper kitchen rolls, cleaning was just a wipe and throw job. So it’s all done.”

 “How did you manage to do all these? Where did you get all these disposable food packaging items from?”

 “All I did was to walk into a Hotpack Retail store. It is a one-stop solution for all my disposable packaging requirements. I browsed all the products and later ordered them through hotpack webstore and guess what, I had all of them delivered to me to our doorstep. I did it all when you were at work to keep the secret factor up.”

 “Wow, that’s brilliant. Now, that’s called Celebrating life and Celebrating food.”

 "Now do me a favour.. pack that leftover biryani in that black base plastic food container.  I can have it tomorrow for lunch.”

 “Sure. You made my day sweetheart. Thank you”

 “ You are welcome. Now let's catch up some sleep”

 Leon slept that night proud of how his wife celebrated his birthday.

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