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A Small Poem Jane and Drake

  Jane and his friend Drake, Baked an almond cake, they also knew to make, A strawberry milkshake, They packed it in juice glass, Which they ate & drank after music class.   They then went to park, To enjoy...

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The Mother’s recipe of Love

Wilson had just reached his new home in Boston after a long flight.  Sipping his coffee in the Espresso Cup he held in his hand, he was thinking how his mother brewed a lovely coffee when he was with her....

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Arjun’s Birthday

As Arjun got onto his bed for his afternoon nap, tired after an eventful day at school, he was rewinding the day’s events in his mind. It was his 12th birthday and he had a great time at School, distributing...

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Kate’s surprise party

Leon’s friends were full of praises for the delicious food served to the guests in the surprise party which his wife organized on his birthday. He wondered how his wife Kate, organized such a big gathering in such a short...

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How to Pack Meals for Kids in Disposable Containers

When the door bell rang Kamala felt desperate as she knew that was Natasha who was already going out to the grocers for the evening purchase. They were staying in neighbouring apartments at Al Rashidiya, Dubai. She opened the door...

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Disposable Plastic Containers for Food Buying Guide

If you have a baker’s shop or you are selling food at any fast food outlet, you need good-quality disposable plastic containers for food. In fact, the most serious issue with such containers is reliability because you need to keep...

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