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Hotpack Global: Distributing its Face masks at a lower cost to cater its Rising Demand in UAE

Hotpack Global, a multinational company involved in manufacturing, distributing, and marketing Food Packaging and Hygiene Products has announced to distribute its face masks at affordable prices. This decision has been made as a part of its CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) Initiative. Hotpack Global acknowledges the rising demands for face masks; therefore, as per the CSR policy of Hotpack, the company has decided to distribute its range of face masks to all the needy UAE residents at discounted rates.

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Hotpack Global | Year of Tolerance | A Film by Hotpack

The Year of Tolerance is special to all of us in the UAE in many ways. It teaches us to be compassionate and spread love among the people in the community. We at Hotpack are delighted to spread the same message and stress on the values of respecting humanity at all levels. عام التسامح هو عام خاص لنا جميعًا في دولة الإمارات العربية المتحدة بعدة طرق. إذ انه يعلمنا أن...

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A Small Poem Jane and Drake

  Jane and his friend Drake, Baked an almond cake, they also knew to make, A strawberry milkshake, They packed it in juice glass, Which they ate & drank after music class.   They then went to park, To enjoy spring of Denmark.   They wrapped some hotdogs from home, Which they ate in a plate made of foam, Jane felt very thrilled, Whey he ate the chicken grilled, Drake...

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