Rewards Policy

Membership - Registration & Joining

  • Our rewards is available to all our customers who has an account in our webstore 
  • Rewards is free to use and is available in our webstore for us.
  • Membership is not transferable, and any benefits / points cannot be assigned to any other individual, unless otherwise in accordance with these terms.
  • All points accrued by a member will be credited to their respective account only.
  • Your membership of the Programme can be revoked or refused if you are involved in any act of fraud, shoplifting, cheating with or without cause and without notice. The membership can also be revoked if you are found to be involved in any sort of misuse of the smiles membership. In this given scenario all your existing Smiles associated with the Hotpack webstore account shall also stand canceled and cannot be redeemed.

Earning Points

  • A member may earn points on qualifying transactions on or after signing up.
  • To earn points, the member should first sign in to their respective account in our webstore.
  • A member gets 1 point for every 1 aed after making an purchase through our webstore.
  • A member may also earn points through various other options available in our rewards panel.
  • Points will be awarded according to the total order price of the purchase made though our webstore.
  • Hotpack has the right to reduce or add points.

Redeeming Points

  • Members can redeem points through the rewards panel which is located on our webstore.
  • Points can be redeemed only after the member logged into their respective account in our webstore.
  • Points can be redeemed using your points, once redeemed you will receive a coupon code respective to the amount redeemed.
  • The coupon code can be redeemed directly or can be used later , which can be viewed through the rewards panel.
  • The coupon code will be applied once the member reach the checkout page. Only then the coupon will be activated and the price variation will be shown.
  • Coupons or points redeemed cannot be exchanged for cash
  • Smile points once redeemed cannot be used again
  • In the event of a order cancellation by a member. Smiles points given on the original order will be deducted from the member's account.
  •  All purchase returns must happen as per Hotpack webstore terms of purchase. In the event of a purchase return by a member, a credit note will be issued against the returned item to the member. smile points given on the original item will not be deducted from the member's account and as and when the member uses the credit note, he/she will not get any smile points.