4 Oz White Paper Food Service Cone Cold Water Cup
4 Oz White Paper Food Service Cone Cold Water Cup
Being compostable is just one of the reasons customers choose our Paper line of Cone Cups. Beverages dispensed from water coolers, sports drinks, and other larger containers are easy to drink from our paper cone cups. It is perfect for casual...
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Get the Best Paper Cone Cups for Your Business

Various paper products are growing popular as alternatives to plastic-based food storage products as they have a lower carbon footprint and are sustainable and biodegradable. Some of these include paper boxes, paper straws, paper cups, paper cone cups, etc. Using these products in businesses for serving food can help tremendously reduce the carbon-carbon footprint of the industry.

Uses of paper water cone products

Paper cone cups are an excellent tool for short-term purposes. As their name suggests, paper cone cups are shaped like a cone. Apart from being eco-friendly, they also offer the advantage of being disposable and thus render the contained liquid mobile.

Further, they are hygienic as they are used for one time only and hence don’t spread diseases that may spread by contact or by using the same materials. Apart from that, they are also lightweight and easy to use. They are also inexpensive, and cone cups are often used in schools and offices along with water coolers.

Cone-Shaped Paper Cups Versus Regular-Shaped Paper Cups

Unlike regular cone cups, cone paper cups are shaped like a cone with the pointed end below, this makes it easier to consume solid content in them. That is why they are the most popular choice for ice-creams and cold solid food.

Benefits of Cone Cups 

The following are the some of the uses of paper cups:

  •       Eco-friendly.
  •       Cost-effective.
  •       Sanitary as they can be insulted from contaminants of the environment by wrapping a napkin around them.
  •       Effective way of fixing the size of servings.

Uses of Cone Cups

The following are some of the benefits of cone-shaped paper cups:

  •       Ice-creams and solid foods.
  •       As a use-friendly disposable storage option especially where potions are pre-fixed.
  •       Paper water cone can also act as a hygienic way of consuming water near water coolers in offices, schools, etc.

Tips for buying cone cups

The following are some of the most helpful tips for buying paper water cone:

  •   Define your needs

First and foremost, you must define the needs for which cone-shaped paper cups are to be used. You may want to consider the alternatives like Dixie cups unless you are sure cone-shaped paper cups will serve the purpose. If they do, you must have a clear idea of your needs.

  •   Consider the material used for making paper cone water cups

The paper used for making paper cone cups should be of the highest quality and sturdy enough to withstand the lateral pressure created by the liquid within the cups. Further, you should check whether the inner surface of the cup has been waxed or coated to make it more water-resistant.

  •   Check the price of cone-shaped paper cups

You must also check the price of paper water cone products and should buy them in bulk to get them at a better price.

  •   Size of the cone cups

You must also check the size of cone cups to ensure that they can meet the needs of your business.

  •   Find a good supplier

Finding a good supplier is the most crucial consideration when buying cone-shaped paper cups. The following are some of the tips for finding a good cone cups supplier:

- Buy paper cone water cups from an online supplier - Buying cone cups online is far more convenient and hassle-free as you can do it online and expect a doorstep delivery.

- Go for a bulk cone cups supplier - you should look for a supplier who can avail of cone cups in bulk and at wholesale rates.

- Choose a supplier that can also supply other products - That shall help ensure you don’t have to deal with too many suppliers.

Hotpack Webstore - for paper cups and a lot more

Hotpack Webstore is the best supplier of paper cone water cups and other food storage supplies. We all our products at the best prices in the market and avail a dependable and timely delivery of the products. So please place your order now with us to get the highest quality cone cups.

The wax-treated paper structure of this cup assures that it will not fall apart. The wax coating adds stiffness to the paper, allowing it to hold liquids without getting soggy. A crisp, white color adds a clean feel to your waiting room or seating area. Cups at your concession stand to serve colorful snow cones.


  • A great addition to water coolers in offices, breakrooms, and public buildings.
  • The wax-treated paper ensures durability.
  • Easy-to-hold shape and rolled rim allow for easy sipping.
  • The crisp, white color adds a clean feel.
  • Conveniently disposable.

High quality and contemporary design make us one of the leading companies in providing paper cups.

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