Printed Paper Pocket Wrap 1000 Pieces
Great for concession stands, take-out venues, cafes, delis, or bakeries, this hotpack basket liner / deli wrap adds simple convenience to your establishment! Use it for wrapping a variety of on-the-go items including hamburgers and sandwiches or line cone wire baskets...
Dhs. 115.00 Dhs. 105.00
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Coffee Filter 25 CM
This Coffee filter is perfect for cafes and diners that are consistently brewing coffee for its patrons. Boasting an ample capacity that fills a standard pot of coffee and heavyweight paper construction, this filter ensures each cup of coffee is...
Dhs. 100.00
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10 cm ROUND BURGER PAPER 10000 Pieces
Keep your fresh burgers from sticking together and easy to separate with our round burger patty paper. Perfect for butcher shops, groceries, and farm-to-table operations. Its grease-resistant design ensure optimal performance, sticking to the patty and preventing the patty from sticking to your moulding press and causing...
Dhs. 225.00


Find other paper products from Hotpack at wholesale price, You can buy all items online, Glass Cover, Burger Paper, French Fries Pouch, Chicken Bucket, Coffee Filter, and Paper Pocket Wrap are ideal for Restaurant and Café. Cash on delivery available anywhere in UAE. Hotpack is the largest manufacturer of disposable food packing products in GCC.



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