Foam Burger Box 500 Pieces
Foam Burger Box 500 Pieces
Hotpack Foam Burger Box is safe, strong and economical snack food packaging alternative for fast food, deliveries, and catering requirements. The foam burger box is insulated to make sure that food temperatures remain constant throughout your guest's entire meal. It is also...
The economy choice Hotpack white foam Burger Boxes.  Styrofoam Burger Boxes are great for serving guests at your picnic, party, or catered event! Those Burger Boxes are insulated to make sure that food temperatures remain constant. It is also non-absorbent to prevent any liquids from leaking through.


  • Generously sized to hold a decent amount of food
  • Keeps the food fresh for longer
  • Crafted in a manner to prevent deformation
  • Resists catching stains and odours, facilitating easy cleaning
  • Attuned with high-grade material

High quality and contemporary design make us one of the leading companies in providing Foam Products

Now buy Foam Burger Box online. Celebrate your food.

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