32 Oz SQUARE POPCORN TUB 1000 Pieces
32 Oz SQUARE POPCORN TUB 1000 Pieces
Popcorn Tub is constructed from thick paper to keep any grease inside. These are great for your home theater, concession stand or snack bar.  Product Specification  1. 32 Ounce = 946.353 Milliltre  2. Recyclable and biodegradable3. Carton of 1000 Pcs = approx. 15.1 kg
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Round Popcorn Tub
Dhs.185.00 Dhs.169.00
Round Popcorn Tub
Popcorn Tub is constructed from thick paper to keep any grease inside. These are great for your home theatre, concession stand or snack bar.  Product Specification  130 Ounce = 3844.56 Milliliter 85 Ounce = 2513.75 Milliliter 32 Ounce = 946.353 Milliliter 24 Ounce = 709.765...
Dhs.185.00 Dhs.169.00
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Get The Best Popcorn Tubs for Your Business

Popcorns are a food item, but they are also a poster child for the entertainment industry. After all, who can watch movies without having those popcorn tubs in their hands? A wide range of businesses serve popcorn to their customers, and they need these tubes, and paper is the best material used for making these tubs.

Reasons For Going for Paper Popcorn Tubs

The following are some of the reasons you should go for paper popcorn tubs:

  • Disposable Paper popcorn tubs are a more economical choice.
  • Paper is the best material for making disposable pop corn tubs since the paper is biodegradable and hence eco-friendly.
  • Higher-quality popcorn tubs are effective in that they will hold the food without being bent out of shape by the food or letting grease from popcorn ruin them. They are versatile to use for popcorn or chicken popcorn or friend tenders as well.
  • Movie popcorn buckets or paper popcorn tubs can be easily printed with brands and logos, making them a customizable option for businesses.

Things To Know While Getting Disposable Pop Corn Tubs

The following are some of the things that must be kept in mind while getting disposable pop corn tubs:

  • A movie popcorn bucket must be of the right size
  • The size of the movie popcorn bucket will depend on the size of the services you offer. The capacity of popcorn buckets is measured in ounces, and it helps you know exactly how many ounces you need. The standard sizes are small, medium and large popcorn tubs.

  • The tub popcorn options should be in the right shape.
  • The difference in shape may affect the capacity of the tubs and how they stack or fit in certain spaces. There are two main options for shapes of paper popcorn tubs. These are:

  • Square popcorn tubs
  • The square popcorn tubs allow for holding greater amounts of popcorn and also allow sharing of popcorn in a group of people. They are more efficient at maximising space as they can be easily folded and disposed of.

  • Round popcorn tubs
  • The round popcorn tubs have a more traditional or classic appearance. They often have a thick rim making it difficult to fold and dispose.

Hotpack Webstore - The Best Source of Popcorn Tubs

Hotpack Webstore can be your best source of popcorn tubs. We are one of the best providers of cardboard popcorn buckets that come in a variety of sizes, such as 24 ounces, 32 ounces, 46 ounces, 85 ounces, and 130 ounces. You can choose to get both square popcorn tubs as well as round popcorn tubs according to your preferences. We also have corrugated scoops that can be used for sharing quantities into smaller sizes.

We provide the highest quality products and avail instant delivery on all orders. Our services are not limited to the tub popcorn products only but also extend to all types of food packaging solutions, including burger wrapping paper, burger boxes, disposable cups, etc. You will never have to worry about your food packaging problems once you start taking our service.

Thus, if you are interested in getting tub popcorn or any other food packaging products, contact us or place an order.

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