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Hotpack Global: Distributing its Face masks at a lower cost to cater its Rising Demand in UAE

by Vasim Salim 12 Mar 2020 0 Comments

Hotpack Global: Distributing its Face masks at a lower cost to cater its Rising Demand in UAE

Hotpack Global, a multinational company involved in manufacturing, distributing, and marketing Food Packaging and Hygiene Products has announced to distribute its face masks at affordable prices.Already Hotpack Distributed 5 Million Face Mask to the needy people in UAE. This decision has been made as a part of its CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) Initiative. Hotpack Global acknowledges the rising demands for face masks; therefore, as per the CSR policy of Hotpack, the company has decided to distribute its range of face masks to all the needy UAE residents at discounted rates.  
Due to huge demands for face masks and its limited availability, many companies are offering face masks at prices that are three times higher than our prices. However, Hotpack global believes in providing quality products to its customers at affordable prices. For instance, Blue Face Mask 3 Ply with ear-loop is available at webstores at a price AED 9.45 and Paper Face Mask 2 Ply can be purchased at AED 10.00. While other companies providing face mask, cost around AED 55.00 and AED 94.95. Moreover, Hotpack is distributing only 2 packets per customer due to the limited quantity of disposable face masks that are high in demand.
Being a recognized leader in both manufacturing and supply of disposable food packaging products, Hotpack Global is one of its kind in the UAE region. Hotpack aims to behave ethically and therefore takes great care for its customers’ needs and aim to create a balance between its societal value and economic value. These high-quality disposable face masks come under two brand names in market ‘Hotpack’ and ‘Soft n Cool’. These products are known to be the highest in terms of hygiene and quality. Moreover, all of the disposable packaging products manufactured by Hotpack are ISO 9001:2008 & 22000, ESMA and BRC certified.
To gain more information about the product offerings, visit our website
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