3 Ply Blue Face Mask with Ear Loop 50 Pieces X 1 Packet
قناع وجه هوت باك 3 طبقات مع حلقة أذن صنع في الامارات  . يخلق حاجزًا مثاليًا بين المستخدم وبيئته  . يتميز ببنية غير منسوجة تسمح بالتنفس من مادة البولي بروبيلين  . حلقات الأذن المرنة تضمن ملائمة مريحة لمجموعة متنوعة من...
Dhs. 20.00 Dhs. 11.00
3 Ply Black Face Mask with Ear Loop 50 Pieces X 1 Packet
Disposable Face Mask 3 Ply with Ear Loop • Creates an ideal barrier between the user and their environment• Features a breathable non-woven polypropylene construction• Elastic ear loops ensure a comfortable fit for a variety of individuals• Disposable design is...
Dhs. 28.00 Dhs. 13.00
KN95 Face Mask 50 Pieces
The KN95 Face mask can filter over 95% of airborne particles, protection against breathing in fine dust, solid and liquid particles. High-density non-woven fabric-nano filtration-high-breathable non-woven fabric, the Safety Mask can protect you from viruses, dust, car exhaust, pollen, etc...Made...
Dhs. 80.00
Face Shield 1 Piece
Dhs. 8.00 Dhs. 1.99
Face Shield 1 Piece
Hotpack face Shields are Screen locking Mechanism, Antifogging windproof, Anti Saliva, Dust Proof and Reusable. 
Dhs. 8.00 Dhs. 1.99
Kids Blue Face Mask 50 Pieces
Children's face mask is made from moisture-proof, non-toxic, non-irritating, lightweight, and comfortable material. They are easily breathable material and cute designs, special 3 ply non-woven style, offering protection against dust, exhaust from the vehicle, pollen, etc. It's easy to wear...
Dhs. 30.00 Dhs. 19.00
Kids Face Mask 3 Ply Non Woven with Ear Loop (5 Designs in one Box) 50 Pieces
Precautions Children should read and correctly understand the instructions before wearing them with the help of their parents inorder to master the correct use of respiratory protection. 1: Parents should always pay attention to the wearing of children's masks, if...
Dhs. 35.00 Dhs. 24.90


Hotpack Disposable Face Mask creates an ideal barrier between the user and their environment. Features breathable non-woven polypropylene construction. Elastic ear loops ensure a comfortable fit for a variety of individuals. Disposable design is perfect for single-use applications. Maintains properties when stored in dry conditions away from sunlight / oxidizing agents.


  • Used in medical, dental, laboratory, food sector, school, home, industry, and multipurpose
  • Soft, light, comfortable, and easy to wear
  • Keeps your mouth covered and protected from contamination, liquids, and dust

High quality and contemporary design make us one of the leading companies in providing hygiene and protection products.

Now buy Disposable Face Mask online. Celebrate your food.

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