PE Coated Chicken Paper Bag 500 Pieces
Dhs.190.00 Dhs.168.00
PE Coated Chicken Paper Bag 500 Pieces
PE coated paper bag is suitable for packaging applications where moisture barrier properties are important. These are Moisture Proof, Recyclable, and Bio-Degradable with Food grade FDA certificate and Low wholesale price. Product Specification Product Size: 170x340mm Available in all standard sizes  Ideal for Restaurants, Hotels,...
Dhs.190.00 Dhs.168.00
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Get the Best PE Coated Chicken Bags for Your Business from Hotpack Webstore

Chicken must be isolated from moisture and thus often needs special bags. Though they are called PE coated chicken bags, these bags can also be used for other greasy food items in Deli or ready to eat.

PE coated chicken bags are ideal for packaging moisture-sensitive or judicious food items, as polypropylene coating acts as an active barrier against moisture.


Reasons to buy PE coated chicken bags

The following are some of the best reasons to buy PE coated chicken bags:

  •   Moisture resistance

If you want to protect food from moisture, you should buy PE coated chicken bags for the purpose. PE coating shall protect the product.

  •   Eco-friendly

PE coated chicken bags are mostly made of sustainable material and thus are eco-friendly. Further, they can help reduce the carbon footprint of your enterprise.

  •   Durability

The PE coated chicken bags are durable and can last a long time. However, the exact duration the bag will last will depend on your choice of PE coated chicken bags manufacturer.

  •   Versatility

PE coated chicken bags are a highly versatile packaging solution. They can be used for moisture-free refrigeration, transportation, and as a takeaway packaging solution for your customers. These PE coated bags can also be used for a variety of food items other than chicken.

Tips for buying PE coated chicken bags

The following are some of the most helpful tips to buy PE coated chicken bags:

  •   Buy PE coated chicken bag in bulk

You must only order PE coated chicken bag in bulk. Firstly, since they are disposable and required frequently, it is only sensible to order them in bulk.

Secondly, as they are lightweight, compact, and not easily contaminated, they are easy to store, so ordering PE coated chicken bag in bulk won’t cause any problems for you.

  •   Choose the manufacturer carefully

You must also choose the PE coated chicken bags manufacturer carefully. The following are some of the most helpful tips while selecting a chicken bags manufacturer:

  • PE coated chicken bags manufacturer should be experienced and have a reputation for producing quality products.
  • You can also check the ratings and reviews of PE coated chicken bags manufacturer and their products to have an idea of the experience of existing customers.
  • Go for customised PE coated chicken bags.

Custom PE coated chicken bags can have your brand and logo on them and thus can help promote your brand. Further, you might get them in colours that match the general aesthetic of your enterprise.

Hotpack Webstore - the best place to buy PE coated chicken bags wholesale

Hotpack Webstore is a website created to ensure that businesses can easily find all their packaging and sanitary supplies in one place. We sell PE coated chicken bags wholesale at the best prices you will find in the market. Apart from them, we offer all types of paper bags, paper boxes, and other packaging solutions as well that you may need.

So, buy PE coated chicken bags wholesale from us today and start on a partnership that shall give you a lasting solution for all sanitary and packaging supplies.

PE coated paper bag is suitable for packaging applications where moisture barrier properties are important. These are Moisture-Proof and Recyclable.

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