Hotpack | 19 cm DISPOSABLE WOODEN COFFEE STIRRER | 10000 Pieces

Dhs. 130.00

With all-natural visual appeal, sturdiness, and renew-ability, these wood stir sticks offer endless advantages. They're great for stirring up lattes and signature teas, as well as adding cream, sugar, and other enhancements to a plain cup of joy. These eco-friendly stirrers are the perfect option for your coffee shop, convenience store, concession stand, or waiting room. 

These silky-smooth stirrers allow your guests to enjoy their natural appearance and feel without any fear of getting painful splinters. Their trendy flat profile make them a magnificent addition to virtually any operation where piping hot beverages are served with style!

Product Specification

  1. Made of renewable, eco-friendly wood
  2. Versatile 19 cm length
  3. Trendy flat styling
  4. Smooth, splinter-free design

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