Hotpack | WRAPPED TOOTH PICKS | 1000 Pieces x 12 Packets

Dhs. 79.50

These individually wrapped plain toothpicks are a simple, yet extremely beneficial addition to your restaurant or cafe! Make a hospitable gesture, and give your guests or customers the extra comfort they want by setting these toothpicks out for use during or after their meal. Each toothpick comes individually wrapped in cellophane for sanitary dispensing, which is perfect for your high volume establishment where dozens of individuals are reaching into the dispenser a day. This gives your guests peace of mind knowing their toothpick hasn't been exposed to outside germs and debris. Plus, if someone accidentally drops one, it's completely covered so it can still be safely used!

Made of all white birch, these toothpicks are incredibly solid, smooth, and burr free, and they are less likely to splinter during use. With no added flavor or color, these plain toothpicks are sure to meet the needs of every customer. Packaged in a convenient self-dispensing box, these toothpicks can be placed out for grabs next to your hostess stand, at your concierge counter or dining room tables.

Product Specification

  1. The most economical way to go green
  2. Made of all white birch
  3. Great for front-of-house use in dispensers
  4. Individually wrapped
  5. Comes in convenient self-dispensing box

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