A Small Poem Jane and Drake



Jane and his friend Drake,

Baked an almond cake,

they also knew to make,

A strawberry milkshake,

They packed it in juice glass,

Which they ate & drank after music class.


They then went to park,

To enjoy spring of Denmark.


They wrapped some hotdogs from home,

Which they ate in a plate made of foam,

Jane felt very thrilled,

Whey he ate the chicken grilled,

Drake loved Chinese food,

With chopsticks he was good.


Sitting on a grass that’s soft n cool,

They ate some grapes a bowlful,

With their tummies now full,

And their tongue left tasteful,

To clean them all was the rule.


Drake took a maxi roll,

Jane threw the salad bowl,

In the park’s Garbage bag hole.

When they cleaned the place as a whole,

They felt happy in their heart and soul.


They shared a milk chocolate,

And left for home before it gets late,

To their parents they loved to narrate,

How their day was great.

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