Arjun’s Birthday

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As Arjun got onto his bed for his afternoon nap, tired after an eventful day at school, he was rewinding the day’s events in his mind.

It was his 12th birthday and he had a great time at School, distributing chocolates to his friends and teachers and receiving their warm birthday wishes and cards. In the morning, his parents and sister greeted him, wished his for his birthday, before he left for School. But he was not fully happy about the day…he has had better birthdays celebrated in the past, when the house was full of friends and relatives. The cake cutting, gifts, snacks and food, desserts…they were all missing. He heaved a sigh, and in no time, he was fast asleep.

Arjun felt he heard some commotion in the living room when we got up from his sleep in the evening. But as he tiptoed to the living room, it was dark and didn’t find a soul around. Where is Mummy and sister? Is Dad yet to reach from work? Suddenly he was startled when the lights lit up, and his family, along with his best friends, uncles and aunties came out from behind the curtains wishing him Happy birthday!  That was a total surprise for Arjun and for a moment, he didn’t know how to react.

Mom and sister came out with a beautiful cake with 12 candles and he blew them all in one go and cut the cake, while all of them sang Happy birthday for Arjun. He was presented with gifts from them all. His aunts helped Mom as they cut the birthday cake and served them in beautiful paper plates with attractive napkins along with it. There were muffins too, which came in beautiful colored cake cups.  Nuggets, Samosas, Tikka and fish fingers followed in attractive colored plastic plates along with sauces and chutney is small portion cups, along with an array of fresh juices and coke served in sparkling transparent PET cups.

Arjun had a great time singing, dancing and playing with his friends and family. In the end, his favorite ice cream, Gulab jamun and Gaajar Halwa was distributed, this time in cute looking apple shaped and heart shaped clear cups. His mom and sister made sure that all guests left with packed food in great looking black base containers and aluminium containers. After the guests were gone, Arjun hugged his parents and sister for making his big day so memorable. He offered his helping hand to Mom for any cleanups, but there was hardly anything to be done as the place was clean and no dish washing to be done.

His Mom was smart to have visited Hotpack retail store that day to buy all that was needed for the party. She had clear idea on what to buy, as hotpack website ( had all the information that she needed. There even was a separate section on the webstore for disposable party supplies, and picking them from Hotpack retail store was cakewalk for her. In the night, Arjun went to sleep cherishing all the good memories of the day.

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    Wow. Nice article. Have seen Great collection of disposable food packaging items.

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