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How to Pack Meals for Kids in Disposable Containers

by Vasim Salim 03 Mar 2019 0 Comments

When the door bell rang Kamala felt desperate as she knew that was Natasha who was already going out to the grocers for the evening purchase. They were staying in neighbouring apartments at Al Rashidiya, Dubai. She opened the door as Natasha stared at her, “I thought you were waiting for me, I just hurried through my washing and you know, Jerry was fussy over his tea. Anyway he is now munching his macaroons, settled with that damn fortnight! Let’s make it fast Kamala, the streets seem busy today. Oh my! its Thursday.”

“But Nath, look at this disaster. Neha came back from her one day trip to the Miracle garden, her school bag all messed up with the snacks, lunch and drinks that I gave her, packed and stuffed very carefully, but then see this. The lids came out and most of the gravies from her lunch box were wasted; look at the juices leaked through the plastic glasses and bottles, Nath you can’t imagine how much efforts I took today morn to place it all well.......”, Kamala showed her the dirty bag, sticky, smelly all drenched in the spilled foodstuffs. She was really feeling miserable. “I must clean, wash and get it dried before the weekend.” Kamala was grumpy and I couldn’t blame her for that. It was awful.

“My dear, right now empty the bag, soak it in soapy water and leave it overnight. Come with me now....” Natasha pulled her friend along the doorway, crossing the winding stairs and then rushed to her kitchen. When Kamala went in, she could see Natasha riffling through some large bags in her shelves and kitchen cabinets. “What are you looking for?” Kamala wondered, anxiously glancing around the whole place.“Yup got it! See, last week Naveen bought this from his office pantry. This is wonderful stuff, honey...You will never again get damp and sticky with that dirty mess that you were in today. Now have a look at it.” Natasha forced a large bag to her friend, full of cute little containers, glasses, bowls and spoons.

Kamala read the name “Hotpack! Wow....awesome” Kamala exclaimed. “Yes, it definitely is..........this is Hotpack disposable containers, and they are real beauty. Don’t think it is just a plastic box or some cheap stuff.... they are high quality, branded, hygienic and non-toxic products. Look at this Hotpack black containers with lids....and these aluminium containers available in different sizes. You won’t believe Kamala if you scroll up and down their fabulous web store,, it’s amazing to see their exclusive catalogue....I bet one may go mad and obviously confused what to select actually.

Hotpack has got some nice bowls made of foam, wooden spoons and even wooden skewers, their microwave safe containers are already popular in workplaces and offices, parties, picnics and even homes. As for mommies, like us Hotpack is a reliable and trusted prop for our kids at school. We can make use of their containers and bowls to pack any kind of dishes for them, the lids are superbly safe....Hotpack offers nice ripple cups and wall paper cups in many shades you know, they have re-closable lids, seems to be great.....

A couple of days, Naveen took lunch for his office mates; he is sometimes crazy to show off my cooking flair...huh! But then Kamala, I packed up some battoraas and chick pea curry along with some chocolate pudding one day, then there was vegetable biriyani with some chicken fries and avocado milkshake to finish it off. I was really anxious about packing and sending it, but then Hotpack did a wonderful job. I managed to send a few Hotpack Compartment plates too for them. The guys had a relishing lunch break for two days, everything clean and decorous with Hotpack.”

Kamala smiled, astonishingly looking at the Hotpack stuff. “I am going to explore this, Nath...I would love to grab some for myself....thanks a lot honey...Now just wait for another two weeks and see what am gonna do for Neha’s birthday party. You’ll see a lot of your Hotpack surely will.......”


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